“I Don’t Have Time”

I recently received some sound advice from one of our advisors, Robin Spinks, he said I should start getting some lol coaching. Yes, he’s also my uncle. He also happens to be the smartest person I know in the world when it comes to productivity and time management.

I’ve been really busy lately, and have had a hard time making time for people.

Here was Robin’s advice:

Every time you catch yourself thinking or saying “I don’t have time for _________”, replace it with “________ isn’t a priority right now.”

It instantly changed my perspective on things.

Instead of “I don’t have time to eat lunch”, say “Eating lunch isn’t a priority”.

Well that’s just silly.

“I don’t have time to exercise.” –> “Exercising isn’t a priority”.

But is it?

“I don’t have time to spend with my fiancée.” –> “Spending time with my fiancée isn’t a priority.”

Yikes. Don’t tell her that.

We all have time. It’s how we prioritize that time that determines who we are and what we do in this world.

This simple shift in mentality has really helped me rethink how I spend my time, and focus on what’s really important to me.

If you’re a busy person, give this a shot.

Let me know if it helps you…if you have the time.

Photo by Ryan McGuire.

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