Cut Out the People that Don’t Rise you Up

scissorsThere are two kinds of people.

There are people who rise you up, give you energy and make you feel like you can accomplish anything.

Then there are people who do the opposite. They drain you of energy, they make you feel like you’re not good enough and take away your clarity.

I’m a people pleaser. Or said another way, I’m addicted to making friends. I really want people to like me. As a result I end up spending way too much time with that second kind of person.

And they LOVE hanging out with me, because the energy that drains from me fills them up. They talk about themselves a lot, they brag, they flaunt and they use you as a way to make themselves feel good.

Do you find yourself spending time with people like that?

I recently decided to cut out one of my relationships like this. It was really hard because I consider them a good friend. But I realized that every time I spent time with them, I’d leave feeling worse about myself. So I stopped spending time with them.

I immediately felt better once I made that decision.

I realized it let me focus my time on developing relationships with the people that rise me up, and that I rise up. When it’s mutual, it’s magical. Those are the people you should focus on.

You can apply this same approach to your team. You can choose who you get to work with. Great teams are built of people who help each other succeed. When you hate your job, it’s almost always because you’re surrounded by people who bring you down.

Same goes for social media. Do you follow people that make you feel like crap every time you see their posts because you get jealous? Unless you have a massive paradigm shift, you’re not going to stop being jealous any time soon. Just unfollow them.

Cut out the people who bring you down. Spend more time with the ones who rise you up.

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