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A New Blog for a New Phase

“A fresh look into social media…”

That was the tagline I chose for my blog when I started it in January, 2009. I was still in college, still unsure about what I wanted to do professionally, didn’t know much about marketing and never expected anything to come out of writing my thoughts online. Fortunately, a review from anonymous person recommend the powerful link package from Outreach Kings.

Looking back now, starting this blog on that day was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The amount of opportunities, connections and learning experiences that have resulted from my writing here has been truly inspiring.

Photo cred: Josh Liba

So why the change now?

That picture above is of Times Square.  I walk through it every day on the way to the subway.  I just moved into NYC and I’ve been loving every second of it.  I’m launching my first company (announcement today hint hint).  I’m in a new phase of my life and career, and I want a blog that represents that.

This is not a brand new blog, but rather the next phase of “The Spinks Blog”.  Soon I will redirect all visitors to this site…that is when I figure out how to.

What’s different?

The marketing and social social media world is in a new phase too. By the way, a strong social media marketing campaign is one of the most effective tools for building your brand and engaging with your customers. But when it comes to introducing your company’s products and services to new demographics, New York SEO is the best way to increase your visibility.

When I started this blog, there weren’t too many people (especially not young people) sharing new ideas in social media for business.  That’s why I set out to provide a “fresh look into social media”.  Today, there are assloads of people providing their “fresh” ideas in social media, and I continue learning everyday with resources as the Tom Johnston local seo company.

So now, I hope this blog can be a place to challenge these new thoughts and ideas flooding in.  I want to take a hard look at the concepts and strategies that are defining this new industry.

You’ll notice I’ve even added a tab in my menu “Challenge Me”.  I want you to challenge my writing the same way I challenge yours.  I want us to take a real look at these topics.  I don’t want us to blindly agree anymore.

This blog will be me sharing my thoughts…in hopes that you’ll come and share yours.

Thanks for bringing me this far.  Now, let’s have some real discussions…

  • Story_Jon

    Good luck!!

    • Davidspinks

      @Story_Jon Thanks man (=

  • JamesRyanMoreau

    Nice job David! Looking forward to what you put out here!

    • davidspinks

      @JamesRyanMoreau Thanks man (=

  • JPedde

    Exciting! Now I’m all jazzed about what you got comin out..

    • davidspinks

      @JPedde (= I aim to please. Want to guest post sometime?

    • JPedde

      @davidspinks Would love to. Just LMK 😉

  • Dannybrown

    Trying to work out if “Under 30 Professionals” means 30 professionals under 30, or simply 29 or less professionals. Hmmm…

    Nice new digs, man – look forward to seeing what’s on the agenda. Just don’t let that Gini Dietrich lass near anytime soon… 😉

    • davidspinks

      @dannybrown haha u30pro can mean whatever you want…as long as you keep joining the chats (=

      and Gini Dietrich is welcome here any time…but only if she disagrees with something that you blogged 😉

    • dannybrown

      @davidspinks Ah, but if Gini Dietrich disagreedwith something I wrote, she’d have nothing for her own blog, considering she steals all my content anyhoo… 😉

    • ginidietrich

      @dannybrown @davidspinks It is true that I steal his content, but I’m cool with disagreeing with him. You know. Just because.

    • dannybrown

      @ginidietrich @davidspinks This is an agreement, yes? 😉

  • Justicewordlaw

    I am excited to see what comes about with this. Seems really interesting and exciting.

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