When the World Has No Secrets

Ever get the chills when you realize the true power of technology?

It happened to me today.  Twice.

I read two Quora answers that you can’t read without experience strong emotions.

One was about being in a relationship with someone who commits suicide.

The other was written by someone who was born and raised in the Nazi Lebensborn Program.

The fact that these questions found these people, especially in the case of the Lebensborn question, is just mind blowing.

The fact that questions like these can be answered, completely honestly, without fear of consequence, is just inspiring.

This post doesn’t have a point other than to just remind you that we’re living in some amazing times.  Knowledge is more available than it has ever been in the history of humanity.

It’s good in many ways.  You can learn anything, and be inspired, or moved, by answers like these.

It’s also a bit scary, because there’s just so much information that it’s easy to get lost and lose focus.  It’s easy to forget that most lessons in life are learned by experiencing them yourself.  You can spend an entire lifetime trying to consume the information available on the web but never really learn anything for yourself.

Anyway, go ask something crazy on Quora. You never know who will answer.