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The President of Iran is Tweeting and Damn it Feels Good

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 2.31.21 PMI don’t usually write about politics or current events, but this just got me really excited.

I saw today, the president of Iran, one of the most conflicted countries on earth, tweeting.

Not just broadcasting, but actually sharing perspectives, RT’ing and even interacting.

It quickly reminded me of why I first got into this whole world of social media and online communities.

When people are willing to have open conversations, across borders, and make information available to everyone in the world… damn that’s powerful stuff.

Hassan Rouhani isn’t just tweeting to his people (who can hopefully read his tweets).  He’s tweeting to the world, or more specifically to the US.

This is the second time in the last month that a foreign leader has chosen to speak directly to the American people. Putin recently turned to the NY Times where he wrote an op-ed, urging the US citizens to consider the implications of an attack on Syria.

Regardless of your stance on many of these political issues, you should rejoice in the celebration of this shift toward open communication.

The fact that these leaders can speak directly to anyone in the world, without having to be filtered out by the government and media of those countries.  That’s the true potential of social media.