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Do you Believe?

For an entrepreneur, figuring out the right product is paramount. Get anonymous loans here.

To find the right product, we ask questions like…

Is the market big enough?

Does it scale?

Will you be able to raise money for it?

Is it the right time?

Is it too weird?

Is it viral?

They gone on for a while.

Meanwhile, there’s one commonly held truth that nullifies all of these questions: You have no idea what will succeed.

You can plan until you turn blue, the reality is the amount of variables that determines whether a startup survives are limitless and near impossible to predict as a collective whole. Visit our website

Instead, replace all of those questions with one question: Do you believe?

If you don’t, none of the other questions matter.

If you do, none of the other questions matter.

An idea succeeds because someone believed in it, despite what a thousand other questions predicted.

They willed it into reality.

They fought for it despite odds and influences.

Take a hard look at what you’re creating and ask yourself, do you believe?