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Writing What’s Already Been Written

writingStaring at the blank screen, you sit there searching for the perfect words that would make for a brilliant blog post

If only you can just find the right idea.

The cursor blinks impatiently, taunting you.

Every word is a struggle not because you don’t know what to write but because you’re worried, how will the idea be received?

Am I just telling people what they already know?

This subject has probably been covered a thousand times over.

Oh god I hope it’s not just another platitude.

I’ll just look stupid, like I’m just copying everyone else.

Screw it, I’ll write something later when I come up with something unique to say.

These are the thoughts that occasionally swirl around, clouding my mind as I grind through writing every day.

Maybe you’ve felt the same way before?

In an internet enabled world where everyone is a creator and there is an endless depth of material covering every topic imaginable, what can you possibly say that’s original?

Cheer up. It doesn’t matter.

Here’s why…

You are unique and so are your words.

An idea is vague. It can be molded, adapted, hammered, simplified, ridiculed and researched.

It’s impossible for you to copy a blog post unless you actually copy a post.

You have a unique voice. Your style is yours and when applied to any idea, it becomes your own because it is being expressed in a unique way.

The same picture can be painted in an infinite number of ways even if the inspiration remains the same.

Your personal experiences are unique to you and are present in everything you write.

There’s always a new audience.

Your unique voice allows you to reach a unique audience.

Any one idea may have been addressed by a million people, but there are millions more who still have yet to cross its path.

Perhaps because it hasn’t been made relevant to them.

With a new voice, a new style, a new purpose, the same idea can reach a new audience who relates to that voice, style and purpose.

Sometimes an unoriginal idea can change the world.

The idea of peaceful resistance has been shared by Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. The same idea but with a different style, a different context and a different purpose. In each example, that idea moved mountains though it was far from “original”.

So tell me…

Why is it important to live a life of meaning?

Why is it important to listen to customers to build a successful business?

What did you learn from the book you just read?

Why is running good for me?

What does happiness mean to you?

I don’t care if I’ve heard a million other people talk about the same subjects, I want to hear what you have to say about it. Or I don’t, and that’s okay. You don’t have to please me. You can’t please everyone, I promise.

So you can choose not to share an idea because of the people who might scoff at it being unoriginal.

But is it worth the sacrifice of the people who haven’t heard it? You’re passing up the chance to change their life.

Ideas are meant to be spread, to be passed on.

If you don’t do it, who will?


Photo Credit: HaoJan via Compfight cc