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Stop Working… It’s Good For You

frustrationIn the professional world there are a lot of people that like to think that winners are people who work longer and harder.

People brag about being the first ones in and the last ones out.

No doubt, knowing when to dig in and get shit done is really important.

Even more important is knowing when to stop because you just don’t have it in you.

Trying to push through that feeling is just futile.

You push and push and push but nothing is getting done.

Your brain feels tired.

It’s likely that you’ve used up a lot of mental energy that day and that’s why you can’t focus on the task at hand. It’s normal, and it’s alright.

Forgive yourself for not being a machine.

Take a break.

Take a walk.

Do something else.

Clear your mind.

Then come back refreshed and get your shit done.

Too often, we just tell ourselves that we HAVE to be productive. We HAVE to get shit done. We CAN’T stop. We just push ourselves into an obvious wall.

Sometimes it’s because of a deadline. More often it’s because that’s just what we perceive as the expectation. But really, the only thing you HAVE to do is just realize that you’re not getting shit done, accept it and deal with that fact logically.

The most productive and successful people in the world are those who manage their time, their habits and themselves, efficiently.

They know when to double down and when to fold.

They have no shame in not working because they know it will make them more efficient when they do get to work.

Wtf why are you reading this post? You’re distracted. Stop reading and go outside for a walk then come back and get your shit done.

Then share this post with other distracted people (=

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