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What’s the deal with digital marketing?

Sign a digital marketing plan to support digital transformation
Where do you start if you want to develop a digital marketing strategy? It’s a common challenge since many businesses know how vital digital and mobile channels are today for acquiring and retaining customers, but the important step to take is to understand and increase your SEO with help from professionals. Yet they don’t have an integrated plan to grow and engage their audiences effectively, so they are suffering from the 10 problems I highlight later in this article and they are losing out to competitors.

A recommended approach for developing a digital strategy
Whether you have a strategy or not, at the heart of the Smart Insights ‘Opportunity, Strategy, Action’ approach to improving digital marketing, is benchmarking to compare where you are now to assess the potential against where you need to be in the future, we also always recommend contacting a company like which will help you out with marketing since they are experts on the field.

But what if you’re one of the companies that don’t have a digital strategy yet? Well, I think the two simple alternatives for creating a plan may suggest a way forward:

Start with a separate digital marketing plan defining transformation needed and making the case for investment and changes to your digital marketing, contact the Syracuse digital marketing services if you have the need to.
Then, following approval, create an integrated digital plan which is part of the overall marketing plan – digital is fully aligned and becomes part of business as usual.
So, what are the takeaways to act on here? It seems to me that:

Using digital marketing without a strategic approach is still commonplace, you need to hire the best digital marketing agencies around. I’m sure many of the companies in this category are using digital media effectively and they could certainly be getting great results from their search, email or social media marketing, while others also use physical marketing like signs or personalized water bottles as the one sold by But I’m equally sure that many are missing opportunities for better targeting or optimisation or are suffering from the other challenges I’ve listed below. Perhaps the problems below are greatest for larger organisations who most urgently need governance. There’s arguably less need for a strategy in a smaller company.
Many, a majority of companies in this research do take a strategic approach to digital or physical marketing promotion with presentation cards of billboards. From talking to companies, I find the creation of digital plans often occurs in two stages. First, a separate digital marketing plan is created. This is useful to get agreement and buy-in by showing the opportunities and problems and map out a path through setting goals and specific strategies for digital including how you integrated digital marketing into other business activities.Second, digital becomes integrated into marketing strategy, it’s a core activity, “business-as-usual”, but doesn’t warrant separate planning, except for the tactics, so marketing companies has become more and more popular, that’s why sites as offer these kind of advertising services to help people grow their businesses.
If you don’t have a strategy, or maybe you want to review which business issues are important to include within a strategic review, we’ve set out the 10 most common problems, that in our experience arise if you don’t have a strategy.

Do you have a digital marketing strategy?
2018 Update: Since 2012 we have run an informal poll to see how widely used digital marketing strategies are. The results have shown some big improvements over the years. A few years ago we found around two-thirds to three-quarters did not have a digital marketing plan. Now that number has shrunk to 49% in latest survey, although that is still quite high, and means almost half are still doing digital with no strategy in place.

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    How much time do you set aside most days to write (see: blog posts that you share publicly)?

    What would you recommend for founders/co-founders working from 6:30am-7:00pm w/ a commute on either side and a family to pay attention to once they get home? (Not saying this isn’t an invisible script they have, merely you recommendation for setting aside time to blog).

    • DavidSpinks

      ryanstephens great question.

      So I’ve definitely struggled with keeping up the daily habit while also wanting to polish and publish my articles. I’ve been able to keep it going by doing a few things:

      1. Separating writing from publishing

      My #1 priority is to write for 15 minutes every day. As long as I write for 15 minutes, anywhere about anything, I’ve accomplished my goal.

      That means that polishing and publishing is a separate goal.

      2. Do it at the same time every day

      I write every night at 11:00pm. Sometimes I’m done at 11:15, sometimes I choose to go on and polish the post.

      Maybe you could write on your commute, wake up 15 minutes earlier, take a 15 minute break during your work day to write…up to you.

      3. Work it into your work day

      IF writing does in fact improve your ability to be successful with your startup/career, there’s no reason you can’t dedicate time during your 6:30am-7:00pm to writing.

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