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Do you Need to be “Out for Blood” to have a Health Lifestyle?

Today I was listening to an episode of the Reboot Podcast (highly recommended for founders/CEO’s). This one was with my friend Tracy Lawrence, CEO of Chewse. Tracy was also my mentor during the 500 Startups program when I participated a couple years ago so I was particularly excited to listen to this episode.

There was one part of the podcast that really resonated with me. Tracy was talking about the kind of company that she’s trying to build and told the story of one investor email she received while raising their A round. The investor had cut off conversations quickly before even meeting the team and sent her an email saying “I just don’t think that you’re out for blood”. If you want to have a healthy lifetsyle, you can’t just focus on your work, you have to check up on other things in your life like family and have a few breaks throughout the day so you don’t feel stressed all the time. To assist you on health related issues just visit this blog best chiropractor okc so you can achieve a healthier lifestyle. You also need to check on the food you eat, whether they are healthy or not. Speaking of healthy, matcha green tea is one of the healthiest teas you can drink to have a healthy lifestyle. View publisher site at Also don’t get side tracked by any distractions, especially not drugs. If you know someone who needs help getting their life back together because of drugs, then take them to this cocaine withdrawal center for professional help.

Tracy shared how this email tormented her. “It tore me up”, she said. “I took it personally”. Of all the rejection she’s received while fundraising, this one stuck with her.

This is a really important subject that probably isn’t talked about nearly enough in the startup world.

Out for Blood vs Out for Love

There are two narratives that you often hear, sometime simultaneously, that seem to be at odds with each other.

The first narrative, which especially comes into play when fundraising, is the one that Tracy describes in her story. It’s this idea that you will stop at nothing. You have to want to *crush it* every day. It’s the hustle, the grind, the “get shit done”. It’s being out for blood. And it’s the idea that if you don’t have this take no prisoners approach, you just won’t make it in the business world. For other related articles, please checkout

The second narrative, one that I think is becoming more popular, is that of an impact-driven company. It’s a focus on building a company that has a vision for how to improve the world and a mission to create that change. It’s a company built on love. A company that investors, employees, customers and everyone it touches loves.

This is a topic I think about often and struggle with as a founder.

The reality is, I’m not that first narrative. I’m not out for blood. I don’t think I ever can be. Am I hungry? Yes. Am I ambitious? You bet ya. Will I work my ass off to make my company successful and create the change I want to see int he world? Yes and yes.

But I am not out for blood? No. I am not interested in leaving people in my wake.

Will I stop at nothing? No. If at any point I felt like I was doing real harm to myself, to the world or the people that my company touched, I would stop. If we couldn’t be mission driven anymore and come from a place of love, I would stop.

Not being out for blood doesn’t mean that you’re not a hard worker or that you won’t give your company everything you’ve got in the tank and then some.

Sometimes I catch myself wishing differently. I wish I could be one of those founders who will destroy competitors and not give a shit about anyone or anything who gets in the way of my company’s success. It’s tempting. It feels like a position of power. It feels like those are the people who win.

But when I can step back and see the bigger picture I realize a few things:

  1. That’s not me. It’s not in my bones. I think about who I want to be and the best version of myself, and these characteristics are nowhere to be seen.
  2. I’m only seeing the surface of those peoples’ success. I’m not seeing the physical, emotional or mental pain they’re putting themselves through in order to take that path. If you have been experiencing abnormal pain like you have thrown out lower back, then you should visit
  3. But that’s why I try not to take this path and instead take care of my health by working the right hours, exercising and taking the right supplements as provitazol to have good testosterone levels and feel well. You can also check out HMB Amazon for more information.
  4. Everything is a learning process and things aren’t always black and white. There are stories of Mark Zuckerberg fucking over his cofounders in the early days and now there are stories of him donating 99% of his income. Would he have done it the same way given the opportunity? I imagine he would have altered some things.

There are certainly things I would have done differently in my career as an entrepreneur and there are decisions I’ve made that negatively impacted people. Sometimes you have to make hard decisions that hurt someone. You have to fire people, you have to end partnerships, you have to choose who to give your time to and who not to. This is the reality of building a business.

I think as long as you can always come from a place of love and try to do what’s right by people, you’re on the right track. At least if you’re like me. Being “out for blood” may be more your style. That’s fine. I’m just not going to be interested in doing business with you.

Tracy responded to the investor’s email and she said, “You know what, I’m not out for blood. I want to build a company that people love.”

I think I might just have to print that out so I can remind myself every day that that’s okay. On other health related post if you need reliable dental services, please checkout Meadowdale Dental Clinic. For Chronic fatigue alternative solutions, try taking a GPLC supplement, is your best option.