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Adding Context

Ryan Hoover and I had a great chat today about the trend of applications creating added context.

Here are some examples:

FrontBack provides added context by letting you combine two photos. The photo booth rental company we hired for our wedding (That Photo Booth Guy) was really great, and they showed us this trick.

Context provides added context by letting you take a picture to accompany your words.

Content sharing app where you write text and get to add a picture from google search.

Kevin Roses’ project that lets you write while showing a blurred out version of yourself at that moment.

Music + video app from melbourne animated video service

Skedadel lets you find places in your area based on pictures instead of just descriptions.


By combining different forms of media in unique ways, we can show followers a greater perspective of the moment you’re trying to capture.

What are some other ways that you might be able to add context to the content we’re sharing?