David Spinks Speaking 3

Hi, I’m David Spinks.

I’m the founder of CMX, the hub for the community industry.

At CMX, we believe that businesses are becoming platforms for meaningful human connection and collaboration. Our mission is to advance the community industry and help community professionals thrive.

I’ve been building online communities since I was 13 years old. I’ve always been fascinated by how technology can bring people together and the impact that communities have on our world.

Throughout my career I’ve had the opportunity to build community for, advise and train hundreds of companies ranging in size from the world’s leading startups to the Fortune 500.

I also speak at events around the world on the topic of community strategy.

Before CMX, I cofounded two startups one of which was acquired (Feast) and the other is still going.

Beyond community, I enjoy writing about the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship. I’m transparent to a fault and think it’s really important for entrepreneurs to share constantly, and openly, with each other.

I’m still figuring it out. Always will be.

Pinky promise.