How to Build a Habit of Reflection into your Daily Life

reflectionIn today’s fast and connected world, how often do you stop to reflect?

I’m not talking about daydreaming about past events. That’s not that great for you as we tend to dwell on negative things that happened in our past.

What I’m talking about is purposeful, specific reflection.

How often do you take the time to sit down and look at specific mistakes you’ve made in the past and think through what you could do differently in the future?

It’s hard to do. Instead we usually just try to hide our mistakes from ourselves. We assume we’ll learn from them somehow but we don’t really want to think about it.

Reflection isn’t something you should only do after making big mistakes either. You’ll be amazing what you’ll learn about yourself when you stop to reflect regularly.

I’ve recently experience the true power of reflection and it has helped me to become a much more level-headed teammate, boyfriend, family member, friend and professional. It’s given me perspective that I’ve always lacked.

Here are a few ways you can build reflection into your daily life:

1. Write our your thoughts and feelings

One simple way to do this is once a week (I usually do Sundays), grab a pen and paper and write one thing that you’re doing well and one thing you can do better. That’s it.

Start there and if you decide to write more you can dig into what you learned, what your goals are…you can write a whole journal.

Most people who try to write journals fail at keeping up with it because they think they have to write about EVERYTHING in their life every time they open it up to write. Then they give up after one try because there’s rarely a good time to write that much.

So start simple and get into the habit of reflecting at least once a week.

Or try it daily, but keep it small!

Maybe when you wake up, you can just write down what you did well the day before and what you’ll do better today.

By getting specific about the things you’re doing well and the things you can do better, you can keep yourself on the right track.

2. Talk to yourself

I know, talking to yourself gets a bad rap. But just do it when no one’s looking so you don’t get taken to the crazy house.

It will feel cheesy, yes, but again by saying it, you’re taking it out of your head and using your other senses to make it into a tangible thing you can address.

Sometimes when I feel stressed I’ll say out loud “I feel stressed because I didn’t wake up early enough today and I’m overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do”. It feels a lot better once you get that out.

Maybe every morning you wake up and instead of writing out your reflections, you just say what mistakes you made the day before and what you’ll do better. To learn more about writing and editing online, click sodapdf providing an affordable and highly powerful PDF software.

Want to get really creepy? Talk to yourself in the mirror. It works 😉

3. Take walks

Walks are amazing but our lazy asses don’t show them enough respect!

We now know that your brain can’t fully focus on the same task for more than 90-120 minutes so every couple hours get up and walk. That will allow you to reflect on the tasks that you have in front of you and if you’re like me you’ll start coming up with new perspectives every time you take a walk, and besides we know walking is really good for our body, since keeping our body active and with a good diet, help us keep health, and that’s why people ask; does nutrisystem really work, since is one of the most popular diet systems we can find online.

4. Get into nature

Go for a hike! There’s nothing that frees up your mind and brings you perspective quite like nature.

Nature always reminds me of the bigger picture. It reminds me that I’m a speck on this giant rock moving at incredible speeds through something called space. It reminds me that we’re all just animals part of a much larger system. Click Termite Control Kansas City for more details.

Suddenly, all of the petty problems of the day seem pretty silly, and a lot of your “mistakes” you realize aren’t really a big deal at all.

5. Find someone to reflect with

I’m incredibly fortunate to have a cofounder that I can be really honest with in Nadia. We talk very openly about how we feel about the past and present whenever we feel it’s needed.

Sometimes being able to reflect with someone else will bring you perspectives you never would have come to on your own.

I’m also very fortunate to have my girlfriend Alison who is always there to talk with and who helps me reflect. She’s a very grounded individual and always brings me back to earth when I’m really overwhelmed.

If you don’t have someone you can open up to, who can help you reflect, that’s okay. You might actually have someone that would be open to it, but you’ve just never tried talking with them on such a personal level.

It can be uncomfortable at first but once you open yourself up to someone, you reach a whole new level of trust. And now you both have someone to reflect with.

6. Use your hands and body

Activities that require using your hands but not so much your brain will provide you with some amazing reflection time.

Washing your hair it’s one great one to do, as you are focus on the movement of your hands and the feeling of the water and it’s temperature will help your body loose and relax, it will make you improve a lot, and having your hair clean and smelling delicious feels awesome and makes you feel more positive and healthy, you can use one of 15 Best Shampoos For Bright Beautiful Blonde Hair.

Other  activities that I love to do for their reflective properties are washing dishes, folding laundry, cooking, running, cleaning the apartment and drawing.

What do you do to reflect?

Help Yourself, Help the World

smileI’ve learned a lot of important lessons since starting my career but one lesson has stood out above all:

In order to have a huge impact and truly help others, you must first help yourself.

It can feel weird to think that way, about helping yourself first. It feels selfish.

And there are people throughout history who have made great sacrifices to their well-being in order to help others on a grand scale.

If you find yourself in a specific situation where you must make a sacrifice, then you have that option.

But often, by not taking care of yourself, you aren’t just hurting yourself.

Thing is, you can have the best intentions in the world, but if you you’re in a bad place mentally, physically or emotionally, you are hindering your ability to truly help others.

That’s why “workaholics” who spend day and night slaving away on their laptop aren’t only doing themselves a disservice, they’re doing a disservice to the very people they’re trying to help.

Would you rather have a surgeon working on you who is well rested, clear minded and exerting positive energy, or would you rather one who’s tired, cloudy and negative?

You may not be conducting surgery but if you are working to help people you will fail to do so to the best of your ability if you don’t first help yourself. In addition related to surgery services, visit Matthew Galumbeck, MD for more information.

If you can wake up and smile every day, who the hell is going to be able to stop you?

Clear your mind.

Gain perspective.

Exercise, anything that requires movement, you can even get a spinning instructor certification, and do some exercise at home in your own bike.



Eat well and eat right.

Spend time with friends and family.







Build good habits.



Have sex.



Be grateful.



Whatever they are, do the things that you need to do in order to be happy and healthy such as exercise, or eat healthy, or even taking supplements you can find reading this Panalean review online, and many other things.

Only then will you be able to have a massive impact in helping others do the same.

Photo Credit: varun suresh via Compfight cc

When You Can’t be Nice

Being a nice person is easy when you have the option to be nice.

In business and life, you don’t always have that option.

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where being nice to someone is actually the wrong thing to do. It’s bad for the business, it’s bad for the other people involved in the business, it can even be bad for the person you’re being nice to.

I found myself in that position recently. I had to cut someone out of a project. It was someone I care about and have worked with for a long time on a previous project in the same field. They did nothing wrong. The situation just changed and as a result, it no longer made sense to continue working together.

They took it well at first. They seemed to agree that it didn’t make sense to force something that clearly didn’t feel right. They seemed to be on the same page. That didn’t last too long though. Turned out they felt like they were owed a position in the new project and went as far as to threaten legal action.

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It sucked. Not because I was afraid of the legal action or that I felt like I was wrong, but because I absolutely can’t stand hurting other people, especially those who don’t deserve it. I can’t help but try to be a nice guy. I can’t help but try to make everyone happy. But sometimes that’s just not possible.

There isn’t really anything you can do about it. I think what’s important is that you’re honest with yourself and with anyone affected by your actions. If nothing else, at least no one is upset for lack of clarity.

And it does get easier. This isn’t the first time I had to part ways with a cofounder. It’s the hardest thing ever but you learn how to communicate it better, how to approach it tactfully, how to feel comfortable being truly honest. You also learn that the worse thing you can do is put it off. It only gets harder the longer you wait and if you string people along it makes it harder for them too. So you have to be decisive and committed to your decision.


You Don’t Have to Raise Money

This may come as a shock to you, but it is possible to make a lot of money, build a meaningful business and have a huge impact without raising money from investors that can also integrate marketing automation into your website. The best way to do this is by investing in bitcoins. Over the years, the interest in crypto currency has been increasing. More and more people are reading about it, visiting Midas Letter Crypto News for information on how it works, how to buy/sell and how to properly invest in it to profit from it.

At the very least, you can probably get really far without raising money..

The pressure in Silicon Valley to raise money is crazy.
That’s why other people feel sad when they can’t borrow money specially to those time they do really need it. So here comes the company that will help you.

It’s like people think that’s the only way to build a business today. If you don’t raise money you aren’t legit.

And so they’re raising money before they’ve even solved a fundamental problem for their audience. They don’t have product market fit but they raised a million dollars for what?

I mean, it’s definitely not easy (we tried). The only way you get to raise money without having product market team fit is:

1. You have previous success as an entrepreneur
2. You’re really good at playing the game (lying)
3. You´ve hired a good SEO marketing company, SEO it´s just one of those things that helps you a lot specially when you´re starting. Having mentions and being able to find your business in every search engine is super important to any kind of business.

I’d argue that even if you have been successful in the past, the only time you should start fundraising is:

1. After you’ve figured out the fundamental problem you’re solving and have proven that your product can solve it
2. You need investment money to grow

If you’re raising money to give yourself time to “figure it out”, you’re doing it wrong.

Figuring it out becomes infinitely harder after you raise money.

1. You probably hired a bunch of people and have to pay their salary
2. Investors put money in, so they’ll be putting pressure on you to figure it out and they probably have their own ideas of what that looks like
3. You have time, which is the worst enemy of focus. If you don’t have money, you’re forced to figure out the problem you’re solving, and quick. if you have money, you have time, and don’t feel the urgency to figure it out any more
4. You limit your options to only products that have a huge exit or IPO potential.

You CAN build a company that has massive impact without having a massive exit.

You can make a difference without being a venture backed company.

You can bootstrap your way to success.

I’m not saying it’s bad to raise money. Clearly, it’s worked out for a lot of companies.

I’ve just noticed that too many entrepreneurs today are defaulting to raising funds and fail to stop and reflect on what they really want.

Do you even want a big venture backed company? Would you be happy with a small 3 person team that just crushes it and pulls in 1 million in revenue a year that goes straight into your pockets?

If you raise a million dollars, will you be happy having a large team, fancy office to take of the OfficePro Amazon labels, payrolls, lots of overhead and a ton of responsibility for other people?

Some people want that. Do I? Do you?

Adding Context

Ryan Hoover and I had a great chat today about the trend of applications creating added context.

Here are some examples:

FrontBack provides added context by letting you combine two photos. The photo booth rental company we hired for our wedding (That Photo Booth Guy) was really great, and they showed us this trick.

Context provides added context by letting you take a picture to accompany your words.

Content sharing app where you write text and get to add a picture from google search.

Kevin Roses’ project that lets you write while showing a blurred out version of yourself at that moment.

Music + video app from melbourne animated video service

Skedadel lets you find places in your area based on pictures instead of just descriptions.


By combining different forms of media in unique ways, we can show followers a greater perspective of the moment you’re trying to capture.

What are some other ways that you might be able to add context to the content we’re sharing?